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Nostr Design

Comprehensive resources and guide to help you design better clients.

Feathers, Unite!

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Just use the hashtag #nostrdesign and pixel-obsessed nostriches will flock to your notes!

Push the boundaries

Why nostr?

Nostr presents unique challenges for designers who enjoy absorbing complex new interactions and distilling them to simple experiences. It’s a place to grow and to pave a new future!

Design & build your vision

Nostr is a blank canvas. It’s a chance to impart your vision on the new, open internet. A chance to impact the next billion users.
Product Considerations

Product Considerations

Know before you build. Is your client solving a real problem? What opportunities exist? How do you turn a side project into a business?

Explore product considerations
Practical Approaches

Practical Approaches

Nostr is a paradigm shift and requires some thought out design decisions that can make or break user experience.

Explore practical approaches
Reference Designs

Reference Designs

A bit of inspiration can go a long way! Check out some of the ways in which you can design your client, or use designs as a starting point.

Explore reference designs