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The following is a list of resources that may come in handy for nostr designers and developers.

Nostr Icons

The following icons were created by the community. Since Nostr doesn't have a logo that everyone can agree on, it is up to the app developer to decide which icon they wish to use. See the Figma file for production-ready icons. You can also download the zip file containing PNG and SVG versions of light and dark icons.


  • Refactoring UI- Practical UI tips for developers, by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger
  • Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug - a classic on web usability dos and don'ts.
  • Hooked - How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal and Ryan Hoover. An excellent, must-read for any product manager or developer. This book helps understand the various mechanics behind successful products and why some products fail.
  • Make- The Indie Maker Handbook by Pieter Levels - a practical way of building startups as an independent maker (no VC funding). This book covers every step of the startup journey from ideation, building, launching to growing, monetizing and automating and exiting your business. Great for anyone who would rather work on their own terms without involving any VCs.
  • The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick - learn how to uncover product ideas that people will actually pay for. This book talks about how to conduct interviews to uncover product ideas. Most people make the mistakes mentioned so it's a must read for anyone building their first startup.

UX / Growth Design

  • Growth.Design - case studies for good UX, onboarding and overall growth design.
  • Laws of UX - a visual guide to various laws of UX app designers and developers should keep in mind.
  • NNGroup - a comprehensive UX resource with articles, videos and user studies.


Development Courses & Videos

Pre-built components

  • Tailwind UI - Beautifully designed, expertly crafted components and templates, built by the makers of Tailwind CSS. A quick and easy way to spin up functional and well-designed apps.
  • Chakra UI - a popular React component system

Frameworks and Helpers

  • Tailwind CSS - utility-first CSS framework to build UI directly from markup.
  • Untitled UI - a well-designed, comprehensive Figma UI Kit (paid resource)]
  • Open Design Systems - a collection of design systems by various companies. Use for inspiration.




  • Xnapper - your marketing website is as good as your screenshots. Take better screenshots with Xnapper!
  • Mockuuups Studio - generate nice mockups of your app or features for your marketing website

Figma Plugins

Icon Sets

  • The Noun Project - although this is an icon search website (for paid icons), many of the icons can make excellent starter logos for when you want your project to look nice without breaking bank for a custom logo. Can be used as a logo for $2.99

Font Choices (Free)

We've put tother some popular font choices for UI in this Figma File. See the Fonts page.

Popular font choices for UI Design:


  • Mobbin - Stuck? Not sure what's the best way your app should handle a certain feature or interaction? Get inspired by real mobile apps!
  • Good UX - case studies and videos about good onboarding and other product experiences


  • - easy overview of existing nips and their functions.


Charco Illustrations - a set of 16 free illustrations, pencil style