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Product-Led Marketing

Product-led marketing is a business approach that focuses on user experience and serving the customers' needs to facilitate marketing. The opposite of this would be a sales approach that relies on constant "pavement pounding" to get the word out.

In practice, product-led marketing starts with the user / customer and seeks to solve their problems with emphasis on great UX. The idea is to create products so good that customers and users do the bulk of the marketing for you via word of mouth natural sharing. Of course, that doesn't mean you as a founder can't aid that process a bit further by building in growth loops and doing a bit of outreach to your target audience.

What product-led marketing IS NOT:

  • Building endless features hoping one of the features will act as a magic bullet to solve all of your marketing problems
  • Ignoring customer feedback to prioritize your vision
  • Not collecting user feedback / talking to them often
  • "Build it and they will come"

What prdouct-led marketing IS:

  • Prioritizing customer feedback on a continuous basis as part of your product development cycle
  • Building features that help users get the most value out of your product
  • Building mechanisms to encourage organic product growth via sharing and network effects
  • Building with proper SEO / programmatic SEO in mind
  • Using freemium models to allow users to experience the product before forking over any money. For Nostr clients this would mean exploring the client before signing up.