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All of the designs on this page can be found in the Reference Designs Figma File. Feel free to make a copy and use however you wish. This resource is open source without any limitations.

Media can come in different formats and many different ways of displaying it. There are far too many to cover here but we can start with some basic examples.

Inline Widgets

Clients can surface interoperable content such as streams, chats and communities. These can be a great way to promote discovery within nostr. In the example below, we see a stream widget that can notify people automatically when a stream is planned, live or ended.

Figure: Streaming widget to join a live stream, to set a reminder and to watch an ended stream. In this example we show the stream host's profile image, but we could just as easily display a preview of the stream.

Inline Media

Clients can implement various kinds to surface media from other clients that are geared specifically for that use.

Figure: A social client features a streaming tab with live and or recorded streams.


Masonry style galleries are a great way to display media and a quick way to find something interesting.

Stream variation:

Stream widget with profile and full media previews: