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Sign Up and Sign In

All of the designs on this page can be found in the Reference Designs Figma File. Feel free to make a copy and use however you wish. This resource is open source without any limitations.

Remember, it is always a good practice to show content and allow users to interact with it before prompting to create an account. This way, users can get a feel for the app and decide if they want to create an account.

Instead of hiding functions that are only available to logged in users, we can show them and prompt users to create an account.

Desktop Modal Prompt to Sign Up

Here the user has interacted with the app and pressed on a feature that is only avaible to signed up users.

Full Screen Sign Up

Clicking on "Sign in" can sign the user in automatically if they already have an extension configured, or take them through the extension options.

Sign In

The signing in or logging in process can start with an extension. Currently this is the primary method of signing in on Nostr, so we can recommend some good defaults with an option to link out to other extensions.