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All of the designs on this page can be found in the Reference Designs Figma File. Feel free to make a copy and use however you wish. This resource is open source without any limitations.

Basic Search - Default Desktop View

On mobile, we would just shrink the width.

Basic search for hashtags and usernames. Entering text will return results for notes containing that word. An advanced version of the simple search could return Topics.

Simple search variation with close button

Returned Results wth Filtering In-Content

In this example, a person has searched for "fi". We can present results from a variety of categories such as Profiles, Notes & Replies, Hashtags etc...

Combined search can be used to retrieve multiple types of results and enable in-search filtering. Below are some examples of how in-search filtering could look if implemented:


Hashtags and other filtering criteria could be implemented as tabs within the search results. We added the number of notes under each hashtag to indicate the level of activity.

Moderated Communities

Below is a sample of how moderated communities (NIP-72) could be surfaced in search.


Some clients implement an apps tab to surface other nostr apps.

DVM Models

A search result for a (D)ata (V)ending (M)achine model could open up natively within the client if it supports it, or open up an external preferred client(s). For external use, we'd probably want to indicate that this is taking users outside the existing app (perhaps with an external link icon, not pictured below).

Relay Groups

If topics were sourced from multiple topic-specific-relays, the client could display relay group results like so:

Mobile Search Examples